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Code Gym - July 21, 2015

Big morning for Code Gym! I was the first one there but wasn’t alone for long!

The #earlybird gets the best seat. #nlang #NYC #codegym #morning

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We had quite the turn out. Two first timers and four regulars. Lots of different coding at every level was going on:

  • Justin - first timer. Came for help in getting started with Python development for translating his machine learning course. He’s also into Clojure and Hadoop, very ambitious!
  • Christina - another first timer. Came for help in HTML and CSS. She asked why laying out a page is so hard. I shared that even I have a hard time with css so it is not her. She’s building a site for her friend. Also very ambitious.
  • Gabriele - grinding away at his Scala side project of processing Italian train schedules. It’s very impressive the number of different rules are involved in basic train scheduling.
  • Evie - getting to love C# more and more. Pairing with someone makes a big difference!
  • Paul - catching up with his online algorithms course. Good job!
  • Rachael - getting over her weekend cold and getting back into the things with Java. Nice. (and finishing Justin’s install of linux in virtualbox.)
  • Me - Helping Justin get setup with python, linux, and virtualbox.
  • Kat - she was up but had a more important place to be. :-)

Looking forward to Thursday’s code gym, see everyone there!